Bellas Childrens Bakery

Children’s birthdays, Christmas baking, cookies baking, or baking a pizza in the children’s bakery relevant known, musical Earwig is from the Christmas bakery, with some delicacy and Knilchen that cause so many Kleckerei between flour and milk. But nothing fits more highest back activities for children, as the hands, mouths, aprons, tables and sometimes floors full of sweet dough for muffins, cakes and biscuits. No matter whether at Christmas time, the kids birthday, mother’s day, Easter or for fun at any any time of year, it may be baked according to your heart’s content and in any case also spilled. Bright, friendly, colourful and a family environment is recently for the little ones back technically imaginative and fun to the thing. The owner, herself the mother of two sweet tooth, knows what makes children and drop what their eyes light up and her wobbly teeth. On the children bakeries program are in addition to baking cookies and muffins and the Christmas Bakery also the own creation of a delicious pizza. Of course, the result of sugar, eggs, milk and flour in a cheerful round may are also entertained following the work. Baking with the kids to the children’s birthday and in Berlin celebrating a great kids birthday, without, that the local cuisine requires in the evening after a cleaning crew, no problem.

In Bella’s children’s bakery, different birthday packages and child-friendly utensils to choose are due to meet the age of back artists and number of guests. The team of children’s bakery in Berlin Lichtenrade designed an unforgettably delicious birthday with lots of love, patience, empathy and a large dose of fun and good humor. Back events for every occasion are offered also for kindergarten and care groups or school classes and individually planned. From 4 years children can master bakers cacher and taste it with her friends behind. Especially on rainy days – large puddles and which are available on the playground Group matches are played all multiple – offered a trip to Bella’s children’s bakery.

Although the children we know not from sugar, a homemade piece of sugar is a welcome change and lets you forget the appalling weather out there quickly. For a fabulous birthday in Berlin, the capital city offers a new and special address in the South of the city. Baking with the youngest of the kids birthday, is no longer automatically for a nerve-wracking afternoon. Relaxed can try out recipes, dough, or cut out cookies, the children in a conjured back works decorate with lots of creativity and imagination and to finally enjoy according to its kind. This not only sounds, but on top of that even if it tastes like. Good appetite! Bartos Kruger – kfm for marketing and communication