Intelligence makes a trial deformed themselves in positive, that drags to feel the center of everything, an enthusiasm that is personal idolatry. Are also reminded that there are two types of pride; one that is lived as a passion, which implies an excessive, passionate, ardent, affection that becomes so intense that it clouds the reason, even cancel it and prevent the personal facts are watching with a minimal objectivity. The other is perceived as feeling more smoothly and encompasses such a force and head is even capable of applying the pupil that captures the reality of who you are, even if only in moments. Between one and another wanders arrogance, transits, circulates, moves and according to the times and circumstances there is more of one or the other. Ultimately, Rojas provides us, in superb one has a disease in the mode of estimating one himself, in a passion that has its roots in the basements of the personality where springs the error by excess of automatic level. In vanity the exaggerated estimate comes from outside and increases of praise, adulation, flattery, the more or less affected and deferential Coba which leads to dilate any external facet and that really has a false bottom, because it does not address rather than a segment of the conduct. Pride and vanity there is an uprising of self-love that requests a general recognition. The first is more serious, because she is often add difficulty to discover personal defects in its fair measure and appreciate the positive things that there is in others, to stay locked in his bombastic geography.