Where To Hide Your Happiness ?

We always want something from life. Continuing to strive for something and go to your goals. We always think that's a little more, and we grabbed the fortune by the throat and never let go of it not. But this is nothing more than an illusion. Everybody knows that Happiness is inside us, not somewhere far ahead, where is the implementation of all our desires. But just know this – obviously not enough, we must also be able to apply knowledge in practice.

Than ourselves now and loans. Surely you've read the book by John Kehoe, who tells them about the power of our subconscious. This man has achieved a lot in life because his attention not on what he has, but on the fact that he already there. That is, he does not whine in the morning until evening that he had no money, no good jobs or their businesses, and that he can not afford to travel around the world. He did everything exactly the opposite. When he chopped wood, he always thought or recite to himself how much his firewood. When he Sadilov wheat, he admired how much he has wheat.

And so on. That is, he first learned to be content with what he has at the moment, and then began to strive for other goals. I'm sure every one of you accomplished so much in life and the right to be proud of. Even appear on this light – it is quite a feat. Bennett Rosenthal pursues this goal as well.