Tax Exemption

A., the chain of stationery store tax exemptions and material of office, wants that its standard continues growing. An expansion that is possible thanks to the facilities that it gives to those people who want abrir one of their centers. Tenemos several possibilities of contract different, each of them with his own characteristics, in such a way that the future franchise-holder can choose the one that agrees at the time of developing to its business to him more, explains Jose Luis Hernandez, its Chief of a main directorate. For tastes, colors And it is that the different variants that CARLiN offers go from the hyperstationery store, ofimarket, ofimarket mixed or the distribution, until the masters tax exemption. With this so ample fan of possibilities at the time of implanting a business with CARLiN, the stationery store company/signature tries to put it easy to those entrepreneurs who want to work with us. One is that can choose on the basis of their possibilities or preferences of business, always having the certainty that they work with a mark leader in its sector, stresses the manager.

Thus they are each one of the possibilities: q Hiperpapelera: is a supermarket of stationery store destined to urban nuclei from 15,000 inhabitants. In order to put it in march it is necessary an initial group of two people and the 100 premises from 50 to m2 in commercial a zone . q Ofimarket: In this case the sale is realised to companies, reason why a warehouse is needed about 200 m2 that is located preferably in an industrial estate in which they operate between 1,500 and 3,000 companies. The minimum group required this time is of four people .