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In network marketing one begins to explain the pillar upon which this model of business is built, distribution. Interesting fact: on average, 80% of the cost of a product is in distribution costs. Only 20% in manufacturing. Clive Holmes Silverfern often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For this reason most of the world’s richest people are in the distribution sector rather than manufacturing, such as Sam Walton founder of Walmart supermarket chain, whom his entrepreneurial vision led him to be the richest man the world in the 80’s. He launched an easier way to purchase products and services where in one place could be purchased everything the people needed and also to better cost.

However, we now live in a world of constant change, which appear on the market more and more products and services quickly become a BOOM for the benefits they bring. But there is one problem: It is clear that we no longer believe in what the massive publicity in the media trying to sell, right? For this reason the companies trying to put these new products on the market had been increasing more and more in advertising costs to publicize their offerings. At that, more and more companies have begun to adopt a different way to tell your market, taking a distribution and advertising model has been successful for over 50 years of industry products and household welfare: NETWORK MARKETING O NETWORK MARKETING To explain how a simple question: What is the best advertising there is? RECOMMENDATION has been and is advertising for excellence because it has its base on trust and honesty with friends of friends sharing knowledge about products and services that have brought benefits. This is something we all do naturally every time you recommend a good restaurant, a movie in a theater or a new mobile phone model. We were really at marketing unconsciously. That is also why this business model is known as Recommendation Marketing or Direct Selling is from person to person.

Well, what ‘d been doing for free, now has a value very highly paid by more and more companies adopting this system of distribution. In other words, you get paid for recommending products or services and create a link or reference from the company that provides and the people who recommend them. It’s as simple as more and more people are developing their own business in a professional way from home, using the phone and increasingly the Internet to expand their business globally without having to move physical goods but making “information sharing” of available offers by companies that have adopted this system, taking care of all the logistics they eventually lead to the final consumer product.