Bottom Space

If the miniwarehouse has platforms you can use them to put the objects heavy. e) If you have filed documents of your business to which you do not need to accede frequently, ponlos until the bottom and against the wall of the miniwarehouse. You can leave straight corridors between the batteries of boxes and the furniture or can make corridors in the form of U. f) For great furniture and other articles. It divides the furniture in smaller pieces if it is possible. It disassembles to the marks of the bed and apyalos on the wall.

It covers the furniture with laminae or canvases to protect them against scratches, dust and other damages. g) If you have space to store to a flat sofa colcalo mouth down and above ponle a table. The chairs can be piled up seat on seat. h) In order to load diverse articles and that have irregular form. You can tie long handle tools, such as snow rakes, shovels and sweep.

Ponlas in packages. The mirrors and works of art must be stored by far care, since they can colapsar under his own weight. i) Asegrate of which when piling up boxes and containers they can clearly see the labels put in them. Pon most of boxes in the part inferior to avoid damages. j) Creative. You can inside use practically all the space and around your stored furniture, including other elements like places to keep other articles. Full everything what is hollow to maximize the space available. k) The USA the drawers of your furniture to keep fragile articles. Full the shelves of the bookstores with books and small boxes. Pon the pillows, blankets, underclothes and another clothes of bed within washing machines and dryers. Original author and source of the article