Personal Healthy Lifestyle Concept

I must say at once that in his childhood, when people asked me what I want to be, I replied, adjusting his glasses, I would be a professor. I can not say that it was my deliberate and consciously chosen desire, most likely in this response was more of an impact glasses, which I wore in those days, because it seemed to me then that all the professors wear glasses. And I do not want to be like other children and say something like, “I want to be an astronaut, firefighter, or later, the businessman, the president “. But even when I said I wanted to be a professor, I am in no way meant not raising anyone – the professor was then for me, synonymous with a certain status and a certain level of mind: I wanted to be an intelligent and respected as a professor. And now I have almost 30 years, and I have long ceased to wear glasses, but my children will, if it were a mantra – so often I repeated to her, has become a conscious purpose in life (one of the goals), to which I’m gradually and persistently. And it has changed perception of the very concept of “professor”, and is no longer so important professorial status, but is now extremely important mission, which should, in my opinion, do every professor. And this mission is that every professor should help to get back on the right track the maximum number of their students! That help, just get on the right path, namely maximum amount and that his disciples! Help, because you can not force people to do good – “force-doing” is in itself bad, and certainly not to the right path will lead. The student must want to own go by his mentor, seeing that it is correct for a living example and infect it..