Knowledge Management

The net result can be directly by an active, creative marketing of shopping and sustainably improve an important component of marketing of shopping is procurement market research. Only an active and systematic exploration of the procurement markets makes it possible to fully exploit the potential for success of the purchase. The collected information and data type information, whether the performance of suppliers (products, service, delivery, prices, ancillary services…) are transparent and the own shopping work has success. Procurement market research will be used as an effective shopping marketing instrument, the following five points, must, be set company specific and individually: product selection, method use, information needs, information sources, using the results. Product selection: For which products, material group, or material fields must be a shopping market research? The project, to examine the respective main and forward markets for all materials to be procured is neither practical nor economical to represent.

For example, see the point of view of knowledge management Becker, Jorg: knowledge balance sheet and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. method usage: product selection is completed, considerations of use of the appropriate method to make are. A shopping market analysis or observation should be used or a combination of the two? A flat response is not possible. The market analysis is occasionally performed at a certain time. You practically an inventory of markets “represents. Their use is, if only little information is available, for example, at the beginning of the research activities or special projects, such as shopping in a new country, make-or-buy decisions, etc.

The market surveillance shall show the developments, trends, and interdependence of markets. In practice, the use of both methods has proven itself as the observation is based on the results of the analysis and thus creates a better overall. Create a shopping market forecast on the expected Development of markets is the basis for internal reporting and procurement planning. Information requirements: This phase defines what data and information are required for the tasks. Basically, a wholesaler who is planning a shopping in the far East, required other information as an industrial plant, which aims to reduce its manufacturing depth. An outline is useful for product concerned, supplier concerned, industry-relevant and country-relevant information. Qualities, manufacturing processes, possible substitution goods,… are for example typical product data. Supplier features are: operational characteristics (size, turnover, profit, corporate policy,…), technological position (research and development, investments, rationalizations,…), product-related performance (capacity, storage, utilization, quality, service, price, additional services,…) as well as specific risks at the supplier. See for comprehensive treatment of Aspects of the site from the site range from Becker, Jorg: strategic potential-check of the location, ISBN 9783837049787. Jorg Becker