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Georges Miloslavskogo


I do not know how you, dear readers, but for me a trip to the country – a solid offering. And almost all have to sacrifice, what is so accustomed to his cozy apartment in Moscow. Here's the other day just plugged in the country of the microwave oven as good neighbors yelling obscenities, he says, lighting them off Well, it's okay, it's all small stuff, you can finally, in the country and without miracles of electronics to do But the lack of water and sanitation has seriously poisoned existence. Water for watering the garden, and just for domestic use have to pull out of the public well. Benefit is still refreshing source of only five meters away from my site. In the end, on the agenda got a burning question: need a water pump. The more that a standard 20-foot hose is quite enough to reach the well. "Such questions, my dear Ambassador, with not be solved" – I recalled the words of Georges Miloslavskogo, a great friend to us the notorious Ivan Vasilyevich.

Simply put, you need to know which pump is better to buy. The pumps were found to be different. I would even say – totally different, for a variety of needs. We are with you, of course, interested in domestic pumps. They come in three varieties. Water pumps are suitable for pumping clean water, without any admixture of sand, grass, algae and frogs. By the way, just what I need: and garden watering, and in the shower rinse, wash dishes and drainage pumps are designed for dirty water, mixed with sand, silt, algae, wood chips and other small debris.

Loyal Assistant


Pallet truck – a simple mechanism for a variety of works in the warehouses of all sizes. Pallet truck operated manually and is ideal for transport of goods on pallets inside the warehouse. In this case, pallet truck can lift and carry quite a lot of weight thanks to the hydraulic mechanism. The main structural elements that determine quality hydraulic truck itself is the hydraulic system, wheels and handle. Also pallet truck forks may have different lengths, made of various materials.

Standard pallet truck is equipped with fork length from 100 to 120 centimeters. Typically, when such amounts to them easily fit most trays used for storage of products. But there are other modifications. For example, in small rooms with narrow passes the most convenient pallet truck with a shortened 80-centimeter fork. There are elongated truck, but they are used much less often because of their awkwardness.

In addition, warehouses, working in more complex conditions, can be used pallet truck with forks in stainless steel. The hydraulic system provides the lifting of the load, and controlled it with the handle. Typically, hydraulic truck has three positions handle: lifting, for lowering and neutral. The latter applies when the truck is transported to a warehouse, and the first two – with the loading and unloading. The handle should be durable, comfortable and efficiently manage the work hydraulic system. Often the choice of a hydraulic truck buyers underestimate the importance of quality wheels. Meanwhile, this is an extremely important element without which the use of carts would be impossible. They have the weight of which has not only the pallet truck, but also placed her merchandise. A load capacity of such equipment is on average about 2 tons. Therefore, the wheels should be durable and reliable. It is also important and the quality of sex in the room where it will be used pallet truck. If it is uneven, you need dual wheels of rubber or other similar materials.