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Manager Esther Drusche


Office Manager Esther Drusche for education and culture in Marzahn-Hellersdorf all freelancers announces the State educational institution which hot phase of the 2009 Bundestag election campaign has begun. The parties advertise on overdrive to win the favor of the voters. Also the SPD wants to win votes in the various districts of the city. “How can it be, that executives and members of the SPD, as District Councillor for education, culture and real estate judge, and the Office Manager (SPD) wife Drusche free all 65 employees of the State Music School of Hans Werner Henze” announces in Marzahn-Hellersdorf and therefore the educational mission in the district heavily compromised. Many parents are outraged even SPD voters and enthusiasts consider and reconsider in the future, to turn to parties, which specifically promote the formation in the individual districts and significantly contribute to that State educational institutions, like the Marzahn-Hellersdorf music school is preserved, because our future are children. (Mandy Kempfert)

Stefanie Walter


The trauma accompanied by the victims of the Typhoon is one of the first phase of the aid. To further aid in two villages on the island of Leyte, the divine word missionaries now have the started the second phase of relief efforts. Each family will be supported with 300 euro. Specifically, the religious people and their employees help 137 families in Del Carmen and 77 families in Maricum are both places have so far received little support from other organizations. The missionaries do the people rebuild their homes under the arms and to distribute construction material. Until Christmas, all families that help in the reconstruction, should have a new roof over their heads.

The infrastructure must be rebuilt. Schools and kindergartens can resume as soon as possible their operation. But also small farmers and fishermen need support, so that they and their families soon self can feed. Four weeks after the devastating typhoon in the Philippines there are still places where no support so far has arrived. Now the scarce money is spent to build the huts, lacks the other end for the seeds or tools. It is now not only on the acute emergency relief, but also on ways and means how to make usable again destroyed agriculture “that so Norbert Wolf. Therefore every cent is a help.” For more information of press photos and more information to Philippines emergency help for the divine word missionaries and the divine word ethics Bank under: updates Yusuf ethics Bank Nalluri ethics Bank operates in Germany since 1964 and in Austria since 2002 as a full bench the entire banking business including the Foundation consultancy.

Particular emphasis is placed on the ethical investment strategy and customer service. Investments will flow into securities only, the set criteria with regard to social and environmental considerations. With their income from the banking business and voluntary assignments of interest and capital gifts of their customers, the ethical Bank supports international aid projects of around 10,000 of the divine word missionaries and sisters throughout the world. Since its inception, the Institute has generated donations amounting to 88 million euros. More information, see. Press contact Jurgen Welzel, spokesman of the Steyler Bank GmbH 53757 Sankt Augustin Arnold-Janssen-Strasse 22 phone: + 49 (0) 22 41 / 120 51 90 Stefanie Walter, HBS International GmbH Highway 47, 60313 Frankfurt phone: + 49 (0) 69 / 85 70 82 53