Statistics Customers

Where does the statistics? On television, on radio constantly using various statistics: so many Russians prefer tea coffee, but much more like handbags made of natural rather than synthetic leather. As gather these data? Who, whom, when, and most importantly – as a poll? One way to gather such data – telephone surveys. Who carries them out and why – Let us examine one by one. Today across the country, there are many so- called call-centers. Here sit the operators, who all day and night responding to calls or call yourself. Who and why? By itself, the call-center services to offer only the work of operators, equipped with workstations, but the specific orders come from businesses, companies and organizations. Let’s start a lottery in the store, and found your ad for future reference. Someone must be responsible for all day thousands of questions from customers.

In this case, very convenient to use the services of call-center, whose staff wisely and patiently answer every call. Same thing with the opinion polls. To conduct such research do not get “rid” the fact that a couple of hours with pad to run on a busy street and passers-by to ask questions. Sociological research – is a science. Written many books, doctoral theses, experts are studying this for years. But before we go to Analysis of the data, you need to collect this information. Here begins the first difficulty. For each case study to determine the “selection” – those who have the potential interviewees.

There are a lot criteria: and the target audience, and by age, sex, and even “random selection” in such statistics as science has its own laws. Any questioning of the population requires serious work of many people. For example, you want to find out how your customers are satisfied with products or services offered, or before you start selling a new product – to study the need for it among customers? In this case, you need to interview more than a dozen people to get an idea about the real situation in the investigated issue. And in this case, those who need to know any statistics, refer to the call-center – the real center of public opinion polls. Those who are here works, know how to keep the conversation going, what to ask questions, arrange a companion to the conversation. Several dozen operators can per day to interview over the phone thousands of people. Today, virtually every contact call Center allows you to order not only to sociological surveys of the population, but also by marketing research survey. Although, in fact, it is also statistics, only collect it for finding new clients for market research goods and services. Modern marketing research can assess whether customers are satisfied with the work of an organization, as demanded by the work of any company. Any marketing research require the use of professionals, because once customers use the services of call-centers. In today’s world contact call center – it is also outsourced call center. What is outsourcing? This is a call to service call-center solutions for any problems associated with telephone surveys. It could be public opinion polls and marketing research and survey customers. Each outsourcing call center operates as a remote office, which decides serious questions regarding business and economic research.