How Do I Manage My Time Wisely ?

1st: you will need to have available for writing elements (necessary): pencil, pen, paper, computer, pda, PDA, etc. 2nd: departs minutes to evaluate what makes up your week (work, household responsibilities, volunteering, church, etc..) And write 3rd: identify your priorities, give it numbers in order of importance 4th: these priorities are going to list in two categories – productive time and reaction time – Design your MAP JOURNAL – 5th: identifies your days productive work hours and leisure tasks, lists of your list of priorities which were categorized according to van or another (some are daily priority responsibilities – such as work, others are less frequent). Do this analysis for the seven days a week, and distribute your interests (recommended). Set a fixed time to rest (6-7 hours of sleep) and considers include the MISCELLANEOUS category (for example, driving from home to your work and back to home) Example: Analysis of what makes up one week – work, kids music lessons, household chores, entertainment (movie, computer, reading a book, etc..), beauty salon, gym Priorities – 1st job, 2nd children music lessons, 3rd house, 4th gym, 5th salon, 6th entertainment categories and analysis for 1 day: Productive Time Work, Housework 8 hours, 3 hours recreational time children music lessons, 1 hour Entertainment, 1 hour Leisure, Misc 7 hours, 2 hours productive time Analysis 46% 11 hours = 2 hours recreational time = 8.5% closing seven hours = 29% Misc 8.5% 2 hours = 22 hours are still administered and two hours to complete the day at what assignments? 6TH: This analysis for each day of your week is going to help you stay focused, to take the time and identify what is not necessary or is a distraction that will not produce anything of value.