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Million companies MLM distributors are building successful businesses every day in his spare time. Every day you read about them and maybe you think: If clear that also I would like to do it but I have no time or is the answer you receive when you talk about someone your opportunity MLM business. According to a study by the Nielsen Company, the average person watching television more than 4 hours each day (28 hours per week = 2 months of watching television without stopping every year) in 65 years of life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the TV! Does this habit is how much you costing: $5,000 per year? $10,000 a year? More? Changing your habit of watching TV and invest those extra hours in your own MLM business you could make you rich! Stay with these data so that the next time someone tells you’d like, but I have no time, you show them. And you do are investing enough time to build your MLM business?

Build a MLM business 20 years ago was totally different from today. The people did not have mobile phones, messages of text, internet, computers, skype, email, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore the most common way of communicating the benefits of starting an own business was doing face to face one person at a time. With so many advantages, we should think that the best time to build a MLM business is really now! But you’re investing enough time to build your MLM business? According to statistics carried out recently, the following data could be obtained: 17% of distributors working less than 5 hours by semana26% of distributors work between 5 to 10 hours by semana20% of distributors working between 10 to 15 hours by semana15% of distributors working between 15-20 hours per week does that demonstrate these numbers? Simply that despite having all the tools and the technology at our fingertips, and knowing that we have the possibility to earn money according to our efforts; a large percentage of people unfortunately does not do what should be done to have build your MLM business and achieve good results in this profession. And you are investing each week enough time to achieve the success you want? It may be necessary to refer to the first part of this article so you can see that the syndrome of No have time is not a valid excuse, because currently million business MLM distributors are building successful businesses in their spare time. If you do with yourself committed to invest consistently for at least 8 to 10 hours per week in productive activities: prospecting, presenting, and duplicate you’ll see how soon you begin to see results.