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Economics Of Information Networks


Economics of Information Networks. E-shop. Internet trading system. Networked Economy – the system of economic activity and continued business collaboration. Follow others, such as Pinterest, and add to your knowledge base. Analogues of such systems are in Today payment systems, online trading (trading under the Internet can be understood as online shopping, it is possible to trade, just need a special program running on the Internet.) Network economy – it is the economy that is associated with the production and distribution of network benefits. Now use the new information technologies to meet the needs, through which you can make electronic shopping in online stores. To do this, there are systems of electronic shopping – for convenience, no need to go shopping to buy a thing.

The advantage of such systems and electronic shopping simplicity and mobility. Exchange of information between electronic systems called electronic data interchange EDI. Under the EDI (electronic data interchange) means sending messages electronically between information systems. With Technology EDI data from computer systems are transmitted via telecommunication channels and broadcast on all understand the standard. Segments of the Internet Economy (Presentation Services on the Internet.) Internet service provider or simply provider in the translation from English.

means your Internet service provider or other organization that provides services via the Internet. Service providers include Internet access through dedicated channels (special) wireless internet access, allocation of disk space to store information to support the work of mailboxes, rent dedicated servers, etc. Among the access provider may identify the primary – those who have links to the property they are called by main and the secondary access, that is renting the channels of communication in the primary, the others are called local. Typically, providers are selling large volumes of traffic and provide service providers, etc., rather than individual users, although there are exceptions.

Moscow Metro


Moscow Metro Map Directory Muscovites and guests of the capital in particular, will be interesting online directory of Moscow enterprises and organizations "Map of Moscow, near the metro." Feature of this project – search organizations by the nature of activities, services offered close to a given station. For a successful search you need only select a metro station, to define the scope of what you are looking for. "Map-M" Business Directory, allowing focus focus issue ads up to one of the districts of Moscow. This allows us to plan more effectively and efficiently spend marketing dollars. Such a focus is more relevant than for small firms, oriented to a clientele from offices and homes in their neighborhood, so for a large network of companies that promote their retail outlets closer to the consumer, such as shops, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, hotels, travel agencies, etc. For Moscow organizations – is primarily a free opportunity to post information about themselves, as well as the ability to update them. For organizations located in the directory – this is an opportunity to become significantly more pronounced for the Muscovites by placing pieces of information in the first positions. For any organization – a guide – a free tool for the study of the competitive environment, finding suppliers and consumers. For any business interested in promoting their goods and services of the target audience – this is an opportunity to target advertising in the directory section (focusing on the kind of activity) or particular area of Moscow (focusing on the metro stations). Site Map "at the Moscow metro