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Marketing Correctly


Us to start a business online should always note that will not only be our business and ready!. We should think very seriously about that everything has a process and follow it to the letter. One of these points is to know that if we have no advertising we will not achieve anything. However there are various forms of advertising, but I’m going to dedicate to the way as more we use them that we started in this business, and is the free way. Step 1 – go to the best search engines, like Google, yahoo, hotmail, ect and we will give us high manually, nothing of payments only manually, this will take us a little time but assures them that it gives results. Step 2 is a very good form and excellent diria is doing articles like this same or go places where we can put articles free and always respecting the rules demanded by the site, such as…articuloz.com.

You can write and comment or put articles of all disiplinas or business than your you offer, the issue is that you write and write, do not forget but we have money to invest should do a couple of sacrifices. Step 3 – networks social, all are free and useful, it is an excellent way for all your business be known by your friends and thus achieve great amount of traffic Gratuito.trata do so in the social network that you like and separate x. does that I mean.? do not mix your family or private life with the business. Step 4 _ Pasiencia, pasiencia and perseverance will help you to achieve all your goals.You do not discouraged and veras that sacrifice after come the blessings step 5 – Chats searches the network for any category chat sites or chat normal for friendships and stuff, there gonna give out of that are, at time suitable shalt your website, remember in that currently there are many people in the room and always but always there is someone who is going to interezar what is saying. Pinterest has compatible beliefs. Do step 6 advertising that we always and never give us account that works fine, you know what? Our mouths, if!… starts to comment your friends in school, Church, neighborhood, work, ect… that you’re dedicating to Internet business and there are possibilities for all you sorprenderas when you begin to ask to close to the topic so that if these decided to really have a business on the network but not accounts with resources enough these options will help to 100%, so go ahead and good luck!… Ruben Bianchi Webmaster and Marketing expert.

Civil Code


In this way, the assimilation of the figure of the sale with payment in kind is only acceptable with instrumental nature by certain operative rules applying to the contract of sale, when they are consistent with the very nature of the dation in payment. And this nature has aims to extinguish a pre-existing compulsory relationship and not to create ex novo an obligacional contract, because as they perform the doctrine and the jurisprudence, it should be the accent in the extintivo character (causes solvendi) agreement of conveyance which, although it has business nature, does not have the qualification of contract itself. On the other hand, is very abundant jurisprudence that will differentiate the dation in payment with another sympathetic figure as it is the so-called transfer of goods for payment or payment by transfer of goods which, though not found expressly regulated in our Civil Code is being equally admitted to our right. The assignment of property (damage pro solvendo) consists in the transmission of the debtor to the creditor’s possession and administration of their goods or part of them so you settle them and apply the price obtained payment of loans and, therefore, this transfer does not involve, automatically the extinction of the obligation to originaria.Como we have pointed out, jurisprudence has been reiterated to distinguish the dation in payment damage pro soluto-payment by transfer of goods data pro solvendo-. Thus, the judgment of 28 June 1997, collecting many more earlier, says that: has recalled the reiterated doctrine of this room on the differentiating features between the damage pro soluto and damage pro solvendo, collected, among other things, in judgments of 14 September 1987, 4 and December 15, 1989, 29 April 1991 and 19 October 1992widely exposed in the 13 of February 1989 saying that the damage pro soluto, significance of adjudication for payment of debts, although it does not have a specified definition in the civil substantive law, although Yes in tax matters, it is an act whereby the debtor transmits goods of its property to the creditor, to the well-received this apply to the extinction of the credit that was holder, acting this credit with equal function than the price in the sale, given that, as you have declared this room in ruling on December 7, 1983, is well catalogue the legal business that involves for sale, already configured as novation or complex act, its regulation must accommodate analogically by trading standards, lacking rules specific, acquiring the credit that with such cession is extinguished, as it is said, the price category of the good or goods delivered to the adjudication in payment of debts, while the second, i.e. the damage pro solvendo, revealing Award for payment of debts, which has specified regulation in article 1175 of the Civil Code, is configured as a legal business by virtue of which the debtor owner transmitted to a third party, which in reality acts by custom, the possession of their property and the power to proceed to its implementation, with greater or lesser extent of powers, but with the obligation of applying the amount obtained in the alienation of those to the payment of debts incurred by the transferor. Original author and source of the article.

New Business


This type of websites are something as well as advertising agencies but that work-based scripts, which controls time and exposure of its clients, but unlike Google adwords or similar does not optimize the results. I say they are advertising agencies because they capture advertisers and users, as does for example, Smowtion media only that webmasters would be instead of users. Also say that it is a boom because in recent times has been given a notable of this type of websites increase and because as every thing there are good and bad, or better said there are PTC s who can’t manage or your scripts don’t work well that they end up becoming scam, that is a fraud. But on the other hand there are PTC s that if be know to manage as it is the case of neobux.com and those are what I’m going to offer them, and also some things, will not win a fortune but if extra money that falls not wrong anyone. Even in the Forum of the neobux are evidence of payment and the truth is they are very good, they are many people around the world and also I put them on my blog. Good PTC means pay to click or payment to the clik, that is different from the payment by clik in google adwords, since in the latter there are no users who are into something paid. They can register via my website that is below. Greetings to all. Original author and source of the article.