According to a study by the business magazine Capital one in seven tax returns in Germany is wrong. Therefore, it is important to have the correct tax on his side. ) By Eutaxcon Steuerberatungsgesellschaft from Homberg (Efze has one can save a qualified tax consultant firm in the hand with which it taxes. Usually the mistakes lie in the detail: eg transposed digits, incorrect number of children, wrong tax table or other fatal error, so it is minimized to reimburse previous income. The Eutaxcon examine the tax clearly reveals to you these errors in the given case, and sets quickly and easily appeal with the Tax Office book. Also, the tax on businesses will be successfully implemented for years by the Eutaxcon, so that clients can look forward with a good feeling in the belly of an impending audit. The accounting problem is known to every entrepreneur, with the Eutaxcon this is no longer a problem. The production of commercial and / or tax related FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANDTax returns will be carried out competently, responsibly and with discretion. On the website of Eutaxcon there are also many tax tips on how to save taxes. A control Quick-Check for employees, entrepreneurs and professionals can also be performed either to get an overview of how much money to expect payment of arrears of tax refund or any possible malfunctions. A very special offer of Eutaxcon is Eutax72. Behind this name hides a telephone in the tax within 72 hours after submission of your tax records, your complete tax return is prepared. It is also possible to cash out within a few days to be refunded the money. The Eutaxcon tax society is the representative of the interest tax citizen / client and therefore an independent body of tax law care.