The Cultural Revolution

It is the Great March (1934/1935), giving to the great prestige and dimension to the Communists. Meanwhile, the Japanese wall increased, taking Pequim and other great cities. Of 1937 the 1945 new PCC-Kuomitang alliance gave itself against the foreign threat. With the Japanese defeat in the Second War, the offensive ones of the Communists had had greater success. In 1949, the communist army took Xangai and, in Hand, Nanquim October this year proclaimed the People’s Republic of China. China soon is organized in communist molds, with coletivizao of lands, nationalization of the foreign companies and state control of the economy. The persecution against the intellectuals and the oppositions in the regimen is intense.

The Great onward Jump (1958/1960), intending to develop China quickly and to become it igualitria, in an ambitious project to lead China to the communism (the agricultural Communes give sample of this aspiration), led the total economic disorganization; thousands of peasants had died of hunger. The Cultural Revolution of Hand served stops to purify the party and to move away the moderate elements, but contributed so that the reformist section of the PCCh reconquered position. This episode, however, is coherent of the point of view of the theory maosta, in the perspective of certain ' ' alignment of massas' '. With Deng Xiaoping to the front of the government, the country adopts the politics of the Four Great Modernizations (of the industry, agriculture, science and technology and the Armed Forces). The Economic Zones Special, opened the foreign investments are created, and stimulate it private property in the field. Although the fight for the democracy and the end of the repression politics did not cease since then, the country keeps has about 30 years taxes of growth of 9,8% to the year (until the recent economic crisis of 2008), haunting until the economists most skeptical. During century XIX, Korea, ' ' kingdom eremita' ' , it suffered more influence from Asian countries, over all China and Japan, of what of occidental powers.