This promises to cut the line between netbook and laptop, giving a performance similar to a notebook, but with the size, weight and battery of a netbook without leaving aside the advantages of a reader of CD and DVD. Consumers crave laptops that offer style and performance, the new Intel Core processor Ultra low voltage laptops and ultra-fine 2010 provides both in an elegant design, said Mooly Eden, Vice President and Manager general group of PC clients on a press from Intel release. MTS notebooks with new Intel processors comfortably cross the line between notebooks and netbooks. If successful, they could even help redefine mobile computing and perhaps eliminate the distinction between notebooks and netbooks, a category in its path leaving ultra laptops. Points of interest the number 32 is the key design and the unique Intel chip called 32 nanometer manufacturing delivers 32 % more thinness and performance notebooks for more than 32%. Smarter, faster processors that deliver the perfect balance of style and performance. Ultra-delgados laptops tend to be approximately 0.8 to 1 inch from 1 to 2 pounds of thick and lighter than traditional laptops. The chips include a range of new technologies to improve performance at the time offered by the life of the battery, such as Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which intelligently provides an immediate boost when required for certain types of software and Intel HD integrated HD graphics. Compu Greiff is a company located in Unilago / Bogota Colombia, with a philosophy of personalized service, effective and agile to the scope of each client, our objective is to accompany them in phases of pre-sale, sale, after-sales and warranty.