Lately the reasons struggle in diverse means by which unemployment is so high in Spain, and what possible solutions have. Besides the classic alternatives, we are going to examine other possibilities that usually are not commented. Today I am going away to refer to the possibility of the capitalization or unique payment of the benefit by unemployment. The unique payment is a measurement of promotion of the use that it tries to facilitate the beginning of self-employment initiatives, according to explains the page of the INEM. That is to say, that who remains in unemployment can realise an activity like independent independently, to work like partner of a cooperative, or even that does it for society labor (anonymous or limited), that can exist previously, or to be of new creation (that is to say, it could mount own the unemployed one).

The unique payment can cover the initial payment to initiate the activity and to subsidize the quotas of the Social Security during its development. How it works? There are several alternatives, if it is desired to work like independent, the amount that is justified like necessary to initiate the activity, but with the limit of 60% of the total amount of the pending benefit can be solicitd to receive (it is not obligatory to ask for the unique payment at the beginning of the collection of the benefit by unemployment, but they must be at least three months to receive). The amount of the benefit that it has left (40%) would receive it like subsidy to the quotas of the Social Security. In the case of beginning to work in a cooperative (existing or of new creation), the unique payment by the amount can be solicitd that must disburse like contribution the cooperative. If this unique payment is minor who what it must receive, like in the previous case the rest will be obtained like subsidy of the quotas of Independent or the General Regime of the Social Security.