We Make Our Own Money

Idea a currency initiative of its own kind in the House of Witten in a time where many people complain that too little money in my pocket and that not so running it with the domestic economy, as one would wish it already more than 100 businesses from North Rhine-Westphalia have joined the Coinstatt group. Now they use their own currency the coin next to the euro. This unusual project focuses on the region of Witten. “What began as an outlandish idea about two years ago, now always continues to spread: people use a private currency, the man also regional money” is called. Coinstatt was launched in Herdecke and Witten and among now numerous such initiatives, which exist in all Germany. The regional money at a certain rate of adoption “alongside the euro used in particular by owner-operated shops and service businesses. Two effects are triggered in this way: the residence near supply is promoted and especially small and medium-sized businesses attract new customers. On Sunday, the 21 Witten stand in the House from 16: 00 until 20:00 within the framework of an own exhibition, the Boulevard of Witten”by Coinstatt and Maleeqs Hairlounge, numerous commercial enterprises of Coinstatt Federation of the public before. In addition to information stands, there is a stage programme and a raffle, the proceeds of which benefit the animal shelter in Witten. All visitors get free 10 coin (value 10 euros), which were sponsored by the Cafe and Bistro Amadeus and immediately in the whole Coinstatt network as a means of payment can be used.