Intelligent Insect Guard

The practical electric insect screen roller blind for home never more insects in the living – and working area through open insect protection doors. No annoying opening and closing by hand, as electronically controlled. The sensor-controlled Flyscreens for doors opens and closes automatically. A quick passing is guaranteed, because by the middle of the insect screens will be automatically opened and closed again on both sides. By an individual adjustment of the detection sensors, this door roller in the private as well as in the commercial sector is very suitable. The intelligent insect protection of Waldenmaier is suitable as well as shading or darkening system.

The advantages of this innovation are obvious: the insect screen roller blind opening and closing without contact, there never is an open door for insect protection. Also, it provides the insect guard provides a way of saving, because both hands are free to transport objects from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Is also a brisk Passing is possible, because the fly screen door from the middle of opens and closes. When the door is closed, the insect screen roller blind in the side housing rolls up, that make for a more clear perspective. Another advantage: The insect closes automatically when the door is opened or in tilted position will even avoid getting insects in the apartment. The minimum construction depth for insect protection is sliding door 40 mm over the entire surface, the frame housing is made of extruded aluminium profiles and powder-coated. Who want to protect themselves, should bring to an intrusion monitoring with alarm function, this prevents undisturbed foreign persons. Another recommended supplement is an opening width setting (especially for wide doors), which only opens when walking through as desired.