Started as a “Self test” is for almost 700 posts. Trying in a Christian Forum with some atheistic “survive humanistic and critical thoughts”. The Forum is a “portal of the reformed churches of the German-speaking Switzerland” on the side of, by his own admission. O-ton: Livenet Association was founded in July 2000 and wants to use the medium of the Internet to expose Christian values in contemporary and as religious art. Do not succeed in the corresponding Forum unfortunately. Is made clear very quickly critics and dissenters which any criticism of Christianity is desirable. This is definitely understandable up to a point, it is Yes nunmal about a Christian Forum. At the same time it is very inconsistent if Christian demagogues of all stripes her but sometimes abstruse and dangerous notions spread without comment.

Superstitions that actually belong in bygone centuries are more than present. Includes the faith incarnate demons, whose expulsion is included. Creationists and intelligent design followers rather harmless representatives are, but they defend their views vehemently, more with the deadly method, so “it is just so, and who believes it comes in hell” as through expertise. Unfortunately this thread that runs through almost all posts, however, there are approaches of aufgeklarterer Christians who represent other than the literal interpretation of the Bible, but they are outnumbered. Intimidation and threats are speed and give, afraid to certain interpretations Christians who have doubts or could challenge as I see many personal messages.

The tone is rough, as I’ve never seen him in non-Christian forums. Of charity, tolerance, no trace and apparently by the moderators also undesirable, since hostile posts of fundamentalist members remain without comment, Church-critical posts but quickly deleted or edited. Discussions about the historical Jesus Unfortunately not possible, because doubts about the divinity of Jesus simply not tolerated. All in all is a platform for missionary Christian fundamentalists as a forum for discussion about Christianity rather the Forum. If this is aimed at spreading of Christian values, are not the fundamental values, or what is more likely, the creators of the Forum have not understood it.