Coach Licence Disc

Cologne Institute offers licensed disc train ER certifications Cologne, June 25, 2010: the German Institute for marketing certified trainers, consultants and coaches in the world’s leading disc personality model. Disc is the worldwide leading personality model and is used in the context of personnel selection and personnel development. To deepen your understanding Robert Kiyosaki is the source. With the help of certification extend trainer & consultant your possibilities and your service portfolio. Click Pinterest for additional related pages. In a certification workshop, the trainer will get based training to the application and the usage of this tool for their own work. The trainer certification includes the disc trainer kit with training materials, finished training concepts and PE concepts at the same time, to implement even the most complex training solutions.

The German Institute for marketing offers certified disc trainers also a include support for market development, access to promotional materials and access to comprehensive seminar concepts and training solutions with disc. The certification is appropriate for all trainers, the Want to extend their range, who want new approaches for their training or search new products for customers. It provides an excellent opportunity for experienced communication coach, develop, or to take for coach, the first steps to independence. The disc analysis are employed in management and communication training as well as the realisation of sales and marketing solutions. More information about the disc trainer training and licensing interested on the Web page. You can also request the documents directly from the German Institute for marketing. Further information for further information please contact following contact: DIM Deutsches Institut fur Marketing GmbH Hohenstaufenring 43-45 D-50674 Cologne Tel. + 49 (0) 221 99 555 10-0 fax. + 49 (0) 221 99 555 10-77 about the DIM: German Institute of marketing is a consultancy specialising in marketing and Research Institute. It offers its customers professional competence in the areas of business training, market research and marketing consulting. Currently the DIM was awarded 2009 the German training award in silver and the premium standard of the ITCR.