Mass demonstration on October 30 – no fur sale more at ESCADA on Saturday 30th October in downtown Stuttgart the annual marching against the fur trade takes place. The Organizer, the animal rights initiative request under the motto of Stuttgart fur-free!”Region Stuttgart (device), a general ban on the manufacture and sale of fur products of every kind. Middle of the month, the Group has announced ESCADA to follow the example of other fashion houses and to take the new year animal fur completely from the range. The demonstration train starts running the event on Saturday at 13:00 at the Schlossplatz. Already from 10:00 interested passers-by at the stands of various organisations on the issue of the fur trade can find out. Also are represented in addition to the animal rights initiative animal lovers e. V., the animal rights action Ulm Region Stuttgart (device) (trust), the Alliance for freedom of Assembly Stuttgart, as well as PETA Germany e.

V. background of protest 90 million mink, raccoon dogs, raccoons,. Chinchillas, rabbits, and other animals are killed each year for the global fur trade mostly in very painful conditions. Not infrequently, the fur still buried alive will be deducted them. For gasification, broken neck and electric shocks, the most common methods of killing on a fur farm, do not often lead to immediate death. Still cruel, wild animals, their agony lasts several days in traps and other traps die.

Most are now processed furs but from fur farm, where the animals in tiny wire cages to languish. This narrowness leads not only to serious psychological damage. Many animals suffer some painful injuries, which of course are not handled. About 60 mink die for a single fur coat. Smaller animals, such as squirrels and chinchillas, it is even far beyond 100. But the luxury fur coat is only a part of the bloody business of the fur industry. Many people are a collar trim here, a stained-colored accessory there with such trend products targeted leads for sale which is often unaware that for fur animals die a painful death. In polls, regularly around 80 percent of the German population reject pieces of clothing made of fur. However, the policy towards the fur lobby remains idle. Only the years of campaigns of international animal welfare and animal rights movement maintain the pressure on the industry and ensure that more and more fashion houses set the sale of fur. After C & A, Karstadt, Kaufhof and BiBA, peek & Cloppenburg, many other companies, also the fashion company ESCADA said mid-October now completely from January 2011 to forego the use of real fur. Who is the device? The animal rights initiative Region Stuttgart (device) is an action Alliance, in which people from all social groups against the everyday suffering of the animals involved. With protest demonstrations and information sessions the activists and activists advocate a rethinking in the population. Its goal is to enable animals as sentient, individual To protect animals from the unscrupulous use of the people. Among other things, it calls device therefore to give up animal products for human nutrition and clothing, as well as non-animal testing. More information: Achim Sanders Middle Beutau 24 73728 Esslingen Tel. 0711 4598210 fax 0711 4598211