Equal Pay Is In All Minds And All The Rage

Some want it, the other not; the one know what it is, the others not. On the 4th meeting place temporary 2010 from 22 to 24 November 2010 in Cologne, Germany, organized by the new German KONGRESS GmbH particularly this topic is handled by the Chairman Prof. Michael Mattoug of the Steinbeis Transfer Center. The State of affairs on the subject of equal pay in Germany will be doing a special attention. The EU directive requires equal pay under certain circumstances, but now these are my a controversial, there must be equal pay if no permanent work contract or no wage for non-usage hours will be paid. Others say that, for a trial period of 6 months and an average employment by a few months one could not speak of permanent work contracts.

Others think through the conclusion of collective agreements, the requirements of the directive have been met, and equal pay is applicable only in cases where no collective agreement exists. “, as Prof. Michael Mattoug. It seems to be so clear that there is no general consensus exists. Now, even the industry collective agreement for the steel industry comes as well as provide some House collective agreement, the equal pay, where the implementation is different. A assess this development negative, the other positive.

The only thing that can be seen can be regarded as clear, is: the unions want equal pay and they no opportunity missed, to enforce it. The field of action is left to the policy on this movable floor, and you can eagerly, what comes. One should be clear, however, the temporary employment agencies: If equal pay should occur, they should be prepared, because the transition from the current system of collective bargaining to equal pay should provide for turmoil in the company, and here are just that survive have prepared. The new German Congress GmbH will inform again with high-profile speakers from politics and economy neutral on current issues and developments in temporary work in Cologne and discuss. More information to the Event staffing 2010 see date: November 22 to 24, 2010, Best Western Hotel Regent, Cologne is each day separately bookable the participation fee is between 595,-and 1.595,-. Registration under anmelden.html press contact: new German KONGRESS GmbH A. Pape, head of marketing conduct Street 14, 60599 Frankfurt am main phone 069 / 63006 – 668, fax 069 / 63006 – 969 about the Organizer: German Congress is independent and informed in high-quality B2B events about trends. It provides managers and professionals from business, industry, politics and research platforms for knowledge transfer and exchange of views.