What is truly power of the Internet file sharing of earnings are limitless. Anyone new to the Internet can learn a simple way to earn income as file storage. First, let's look at what is such sharing, and only then how to make money on file storage. File sharing actually is a large site (or service) which provides space on their servers to store your files. It is very convenient, you can share files with friends and acquaintances through these file exchangers. For example, you want to share your video with your friends home celebration, post a large file is sent on a leased site Hosting also may not have as many places as you can, and do not have a hosting service. Here to help and come to file sharing. You upload your file to their server and give the download link to those people with whom like to share, and they swing it to themselves.

The most interesting thing is that file sharing does not only store your files but also allows to make money. How to make file storage, "What did they pay?" You ask, and pay file sharing for downloading your files. For each download all of your files are on the exchanger, you get your "penny." Ie, get simple, you upload files to your server and give links to friends and familiar. They injected these files yourself, and you will receive a monetary reward for it. In fact, things get interesting.

See, the payment is for every 1000 to download, and varies between 5 and $ 15 for every thousand downloads (depending on the sharing services and its prices). Now imagine how you must have friends and acquaintances that would be at least 1000 .. download Many have friends, very much. Yes and the amount received about 10 bucks. But the interesting thing is that there are ways and methods that allow you to earn large sums without the involvement of friends / relatives / friends, etc. Exchanger do not care who and where he came from the link to download the file they have downloaded a file important that they get paid for it. As these use talk a little bit lower. Why they pay us a reasonable question, "Why pay money to the exchangers file." It would seem that they already provide space on servers for files, and then get paid. Quite simply, they give us only some of its massive profits, thereby attracting new participants in the system. And profit they receive for the sale of Vip and Gold accounts that have higher download speeds and other benefits compared to the free. Except They make the shows a huge number of advertisements placed on the file hosting. Pros fayloobmennikov biggest and most important advantage is the ability to make good money without your own website. As it do a little bit below – be patient)). As for the second plus the site owners, if you have stored on the website any of the files that pump people, you can simultaneously reduce the disk space and hosting and have additional income from sharing services. This kind of earnings do not onerous, you can spend it only as long as you want, but this will depend on the amount of your income. The advantages include the full no costs, and the absence of any special knowledge. For earnings will be enough to explore in this article. How to earn good money on file storage