Enterprise Management

It they are not. They are only colleagues, some even though friends, but, of general form, they are only colleagues. It treats them with respect, I sat down them with ' ' quality nica' ' of its friendship. It shares its professional doubts. It follows the examples of the good ones. It tries, as much as possible, to bring in return to the GOOD way those that, for its proper criterion, are if deviating from route. But, it does not try impediz them to make whatsoever of private court. Not if goal in the other people’s life.

But it is placed the disposal to help. It always plays, it smiles, either well humorado but with respect and affection for the colleagues. If some colleague to give it honor to ask for your aid to it, helps it in the best possible way but without divulging to who she wants either what she made or she left to make to help it. It is difficult? Not! It swims difficult. It is enough TO WANT to be better to each day! The change is inevitable.

The improvement depends on you! Its positioning on this or that subject always leaves well clearly or task. It has accepted the opinion other people’s. It offers and it has accepted aid. It has in mind that its colleagues have the proper life to take care of. The proper problems! therefore you only go to help it when really to need aid. He proceeds in the same way. The professional abilities can at any time be acquired of the life. Courses of carpenters, electricians, journalists, doctors, lawyers, mechanics of automobiles, bakers it has to mounts for this Brazil the rejection! You can ' ' adquirir' ' these abilities to any time. But its ' ' qualification pessoal' ' it has that to be exercised daily. Since the birth until the last sigh. You, and only YOU, are the responsible one and will go to write the history of its life. eloysouza@ eloysouza.com.br to twitter: @eloysouza Eloy Ribeiro de Souza Eloy Ribeiro de Souza, is formed in Business administration and after graduated Enterprise Management and Methodology of Superior Ensino, beyond diverse complementary courses in such a way in Brazil how much in the exterior. Palestrante, poliglota, with experience of more than 20 years in foreign commerce, what it made possible to it, the routine convivncia with many cultures, and, for consequence, to know personal and professional positions that, today, are subjects of its lectures for all Brazil.