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Until almost the end of century XX still it had studious of the leadership subject defending the theory of the traces. Kirkpatrick and Locke, in 1991, had written that, without shade of doubts, leaders they were not equal people to the other people, at least in six areas: (1) disposal; (2) desire of to lead; (3) honesty and integrity; (4) autoconfiana; (5) cognitiva ability; (6) knowledge of the business. The only change that Kirkpatrick and Locke had added to the theory of the traces is that these natural qualities could as much being as well as be learned. In 1990, for the first time, a voice was arisen to include in the quarrel on leadership the traces that women would bring for the equation. It is of this time the article of Judy Rossener, where it categorizes leader women as capable to share to be able and information of what the men.

This researcher was very fought then and currently by this estereotpica generalization of leader women. They observe Table 1, that it brings a comparative degree enters the main traces of leadership. Table 1 Comparison enters the traces of Leadership, for reference author. Stogdill (1948) Stogdill (1974) Mann (1959) Lord (1986) Kouzes and Posner (1987) Bennis (1989) Kirkpatric and Locke (1991) IntelignciImpulso stop liderarIntelignci Intelignci Honestidade Administration of foco Disposio Ateno Vigor and persistence in reaching metas Masculinidade Masculinidade Competncia Administration of significadoDesejo to lead Responsabilidade Empreendedorismo and originalidade in the resolution of problemas Ajustamento Dominnci Viso Administration of confian Honestidade Iniciativ Iniciativa in situations sociais DominnciInspirao Administration pessoalIntegridade Persistnci Autoconfiana and sense of identity pessoal Extroverso Autoconfiana Autoconfian Disposio to accept the consequncias of its decisions and cognitiva aes Conservadorismo Habilidade Sociabilidade Facilidade to absorb stress interpessoalConhecimento of the business Disposal to tolerate frustrations and delays Ability to influence the behavior of other people Capacity to structuralize systems of social interaction that serve the desired objectives the Theory of the Traces has four main advantages. The first advantage it is to serve very well to the popular image of leaders as special people, stronger and different of the common people.

Gain One


From the moment that we identify to the types and the causes of the conflicts, we have conditions to determine the strategies chosen strategy must be used from ample, coherent, sincere and correct an analysis of the situation. The success of the choice of a strategy, is not guarantee of success at other moments of conflicts. Each situation must be studied and be planned. 4. Phases of the conflict solution . It identifies the cause of the problem; b. It looks solutions, not guilty; c. It analyzes and it will choose the best solution; d.

During all the moment it keeps a respect climate; e. Wells Fargo Bank will not settle for partial explanations. It perfects the ability to hear and to speak, understanding what it hears and being clearly in the transmission of its message; f. If it places in the place of the other; g. Either constructive when making a critical one; h. It looks the solution Gain-earns; i. It always acts in the direction to eliminate the causes of the conflict; j. When it will be made a mistake, recognizes; k.

It does not sweep the problems stops to have capacity to react with flexibility to the situations of conflicts. Or, to have the capacity of if molding front to the difficulties. Today the world lives in constant change, each day more technologies, more necessity of reduction of costs, more hand of available workmanship, more families destroyed, more not decided emotional problems, bigger requirements of the consumers, more pressure of the government on companies, more proliferation of illnesses, more ambient problems and etc. For everything this, the professionals need to mold front to the difficulties and to react with flexibility. Another important aspect is the adoption of the imparcialidade> when the conflict to involve the necessity of one judgment third. One remembers this, the human behavior also it is determined by the habits and customs acquired in the creation of the person, beyond is clearly, of the 0 variable found in the environment. In this in case that, the judgment badly fact, can destroy the life or the career of a person. One remembers, to manage conflicts is part of our daily one and requires constant learning. Therefore, to take care of of our life affective, familiar, intellectual, emotional and professional spiritual, contributes for a good performance. To manage companies implies in managing internal conflicts and external resultants of the relationship between people. It does not think that the conflicts will disappear, therefore that is a dream! We need to understand that, through the situations of conflicts we can extract experiences of growth and human development, that if used to advantage well will generate changes and chances of mutual growth between the involved ones. Adm.Manoel Quintino Jnior is consulting, palestrante director of the Makin Consultoria in Enterprise Businesses Ltda. (www.makin.com.br and), graduated Business administration and Specialized in Enterprise Management for the UFRJ.

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It they are not. They are only colleagues, some even though friends, but, of general form, they are only colleagues. It treats them with respect, I sat down them with ' ' quality nica' ' of its friendship. It shares its professional doubts. It follows the examples of the good ones. It tries, as much as possible, to bring in return to the GOOD way those that, for its proper criterion, are if deviating from route. But, it does not try impediz them to make whatsoever of private court. Not if goal in the other people’s life.

But it is placed the disposal to help. It always plays, it smiles, either well humorado but with respect and affection for the colleagues. If some colleague to give it honor to ask for your aid to it, helps it in the best possible way but without divulging to who she wants either what she made or she left to make to help it. It is difficult? Not! It swims difficult. It is enough TO WANT to be better to each day! The change is inevitable.

The improvement depends on you! Its positioning on this or that subject always leaves well clearly or task. It has accepted the opinion other people’s. It offers and it has accepted aid. It has in mind that its colleagues have the proper life to take care of. The proper problems! therefore you only go to help it when really to need aid. He proceeds in the same way. The professional abilities can at any time be acquired of the life. Courses of carpenters, electricians, journalists, doctors, lawyers, mechanics of automobiles, bakers it has to mounts for this Brazil the rejection! You can ' ' adquirir' ' these abilities to any time. But its ' ' qualification pessoal' ' it has that to be exercised daily. Since the birth until the last sigh. You, and only YOU, are the responsible one and will go to write the history of its life. eloysouza@ eloysouza.com.br to twitter: @eloysouza Eloy Ribeiro de Souza Eloy Ribeiro de Souza, is formed in Business administration and after graduated Enterprise Management and Methodology of Superior Ensino, beyond diverse complementary courses in such a way in Brazil how much in the exterior. Palestrante, poliglota, with experience of more than 20 years in foreign commerce, what it made possible to it, the routine convivncia with many cultures, and, for consequence, to know personal and professional positions that, today, are subjects of its lectures for all Brazil.

House Of Wealth


The house of the wealth is not so great as it seems, nor impossible as we imagine, it is constructed in firm land, raised on of strong and solid foundation, made of hard and constant work. Each placed brick is the fruit of a conquest, the walls goes being raised with the mortar of the sweat, the devotion and the patience. The floor is made of saving, sacrifice and perseverance, the doors are made of sundays and holiday dedicated to the work, in detriment of barbecues, parties and diversions, the painting comes of the ink of the resignation to wastefulness and laziness, the windows are made of love and hope in the work, the ceiling are made of the used to advantage chances, with the finishing of the knowledge, positive attitude and of the faith in itself and God. Unhappyly this type of house, if does not find ready, people has that to construct it throughout our lives, being able the construction to be fast, it measured, or long, exclusively depends only on the attitude and the railway will of the constructor. Daniel Fiza. To more know the marketing strategies that I use it has access:.