First FLOW Conference

On the 30 / Mar. 31, 2012 Conference will be held in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim in Germany the world’s first FLOW3. FLOW3 is a free, PHP-based application framework. FLOW3 was primarily designed as a new technological base and backbone of the future TYPO3 version 5.x and a first final version published in October 2011. FLOW3 is however not only Web pages and applications to realize in the TYPO3 environment.

The framework is due to his extremely innovative and flexible approaches but also perfect as a general starting point for the development of PHP based software. FLOW3 is currently probably the most innovative and exciting framework that enables the realization of Web-based software solutions of tomorrow. The development of FLOW3 began as early as 2007. Since that time, the TYPO3 Developer Robert Lemke and Karsten Dambekalns full-time work on FLOW3. Both will give a lecture to the best on the FLOW3 experience. With the current release of FLOW3 is a very modern and flexible framework available on a number of paradigms and employs design patterns that can be considered novelty in the PHP environment. These include, inter alia: MVC cutting programming domain-driven design dependency injection test-driven development of signal-slot concept through the architecture of FLOW3 can be used with little adjustment effort with FLOW3 modules that were originally developed for other systems.

This ensures maximum flexibility and future-proofing… In addition to the two fathers and brains behind FLOW3 Robert Lemke and Karsten Dambekalns – in addition other core developers and high-profile speakers will provide exciting presentations. The following speakers have already confirmed your participation: Franz Kugelmann (FLOW3 core developer and author) Christopher Hlubek (FLOW3 core developers) Andreas Forthner (FLOW3 core developers) Patrick Lobacher (team leather TYPO3 Extbase team and author) Stefan rain rivet (Lecturer Web conent management and multimedia leadership) after the Conference even which consists in part of a FLOW3 party Ability to Exchange and networking, and relaxed atmosphere. All FLOW3 interested should this event in any case Miss and the 30 / 31.03.2012 already entered in the calendar. All important information about the event, the current Conference programme and ticket booking, see. The Conference is organised by the TYPO3 Association members TechDivision gold. The online agency supporting well-known national and international customers since 1997 with the integrated planning, design and implementation of Web-based software solutions. This TechDivision on open source has technologies and in particular-TYPO3 and Magento as well as more recently also FLOW3 specialized. How by TechDivision also internationally operating companies such as FERRERO, WMF and Knight sports put on the know-how in addition to numerous medium-sized companies. Read more about TechDivision you see