Mallorca Majorcan culture and way of life is hardly a holiday destination at the Germans so popular like the sunny island of Mallorca. But while some even exclusively to the shooter go on a pilgrimage, others have recognized the true qualities of the island: the thousand-year old culture and the fertile soil are just some facets that presents the Internet portal on their pages. Visitors interested in history should not miss the Torre del Verger. The Tower from the 16th century, stands on a rocky promontory on the North coast of the island and is part of a sophisticated security system. This consists of a chain of castles, which meanders along the coast and the watchmen agreed at that time with each other by means of smoke and fire signs. So, the Mallorcan could protect themselves from pirate attacks.

Those who are interested in the culinary delights, is well catered for in the restaurant of the Finca Monnaber Nou in Campanet. The museum-like 13th-century estate is located on a hill and is surrounded by Olive trees. Visitors are here cordially invited to enjoy the fruity Majorcan cuisine. It offers something for every taste: almonds and oranges, figs and tomatoes, goat cheese and red wine.