Free Seminar

Astro Star offers a free seminar on the topic of online Tarot and Tarot. The Tarot online portal Astro star, a life consultant portal that specializes in individual lives consulting is pleased to announce that it will hold a free seminar on Tarot online end of February. Most likely that will be held free Tarot seminar in one weekend in Bremen (the exact date will be released following the announcement in the Tarot blog by Astro star). The Tarot seminar will be offered by the experienced Tarot reader Marlis Brantner, who represented himself on ASTRO star and already for more than 10 years successfully laying the cards dealt with. The main focal points of the seminar form the Tarot and the Lenormand; but other Kartenlegedecks will be presented shortly. In particular, the different Kartenlegedecks of the Tarot as Marseille Tarot, rider Waite Tarot, or others, are closer presented; but also on the different laying like Celtic Cross, partnership circle, etc., will be closer entered.

Another provides the practical seminar also useful information for people who take like esoteric advice via the Internet claim. How to to protect the Internet from dubious card inserts, but also what points should meet a Tarot online consultation and how the easiest way to find a reputable psychics not only explains. In addition, the seminar offers valuable information for esoteric interested people who want to develop new professional and with the help of the Tarot online want to become self-employed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Munear Kouzbari. This short workshop, which is tailored to the needs of self-employed people, explains how you should handle Tarot online consultation at a customer and what details you should look for Tarot online consultation at one. Participation in the Tarot online seminar is connected at no cost and as a special bonus sets will be distributed to the participants even more free Tarot. For more information on the Tarot online seminar on the website or in the Tarot blog by Astro star.