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Shopping seminars CSEI-consulting for supplier management improves efficiency in performance in recent years, in which the competition was tougher and you must use every remaining leverage to increase the competitiveness of, a paradigm shift has taken place at least with some purchasing departments. “” The setting of shopping on the nature of the cooperation with the suppliers has been so as follows: the supplier to deliver it, what he will be paid “or the supplier gets only the basic information, nothing else”. Of course, you can try by constant demands for price reductions to increase earnings or the EBIT. However, you will find a more constructive approach in the active management of the supplier. Hans-Christian Seidel, owner and Manager of shopping advice CSEI consulting from Darmstadt, an efficient based on his experiences at its worldwide carried shopping seminars and in-house training in purchasing companies of various industries, how rarely seen Supplier management takes place: Unfortunately, many buyers are unwilling engrossed in the cooperation to include the suppliers. Active vendor management means professional supplier selection, evaluation, qualification, development, promotion, evaluation and reduction. By these measures is ensuring that you find the right suppliers and more efficiently uses its previously unused capacity for the company “, as Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting.” Through its national and international consulting experience in the area of in-house seminars or in-house training in purchasing CSEI consulting in his trainings for supplier management training on how the above measures for companies can be implemented gradually in the practice and how is the competitiveness can significantly improve an increased exploitation of the potential of their suppliers. An in-house training or purchasing seminar for supplier management is not possible the without the willingness Suppliers to incorporate more”, so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel..