Internet Logbook

Reimbursement of expenses with Helptens digital logbook: just print out the form and submit with the winner of the 2012 of Telematics Awards in the category of ECO-telematics and provider of the Helpten ride book in his digital logbook tours as “business” or “private” records. So after just a few clicks, the user receives ready-created applications for the transportation costs. For the average user, this means a monthly saving of at least five hours time. Helptens logbook is an Internet service that records business and private trips on push of a button and in a smart, processing analysis. The rider must manually perform no data by one-way trips with kilometre indication as well as the mapping of the ride on “professional” or “private” high time, digital to collect the necessary information by push of a button using this telematics solution to generate for the settlement. With the Helpten logbook are the necessary calculations for billing the kilometer output and the determination of tax deductions in advance made. Travel books and reports are categorized prefabricated available and divided to: eligible trips, ineligible travel and private cruises.

So that the trips be associated correctly, a small and easy-to-use switch is installed in the car. Other features of the Helpten service can be added to the logbook application route, location, and/or Helpten navigate. Helptens Europe Chief Mathias Acar on the translog fair explained details 2012 in an interview. Another service for users is the driving behavior analysis, which saves fuel and protects the environment. With the driving behavior analysis, driver can improve your driving behavior and find the most efficient routes for your tours. This service uses intelligent for its analysis of the location and track logs.