Mobile Stands Small Businesses

Mobile stands for small business – new trends. CC Riword as one of the major sellers of advertising and display equipment, has been closely monitoring new developments in its business. We are pleased establish a significant revival of interest in a mobile exhibition stands and Brochure Holder among small businesses. This is an absolute confirmation that the program to support small businesses actually work. In Currently there are several federal and regional programs of development of small businesses that offer preferences to small businesses or even free participation in exhibitions, forums and other events different scales. And, as our experience with clients, these programs work. More and more clients come to us precisely because they have already been invited to such events and found that it is not ready to quickly build a decent exposure. Here are some typical comments about the requirements for exhibition equipment from our customers: “We already feel like a serious company and would like to make our exposition worthy of us represented, “” We – the producers and we are often invited for free to participate in various regional events.

Used in our banners – not comfortable, we need a good mobile stand and a convenient Brochure Holder, on which to place our brochures in various formats, “” We already have a mobile stands, but they do not always fit into the small space that we allocate to the events. ” Many small businesses – active participants various government programs. All he noted that the proposed area – are very different. Usually takes part in exhibitions expects area of 9 m2, but it is sometimes possible to get only 2 m2. What do I do then? Of course, 2 m2 – A very small area, but really these are the areas can be offered, such as conferences, exhibition hall where a foyer or hall. However, all of our clients can choose for themselves appropriate kit for rapid exit presentation events. Express kit should include a mobile stand and Brochure Holder. It is best suited for emergency exit, such models of mobile exhibition stands, as RollUp or Y-banner.

These stands are distinguished lightweight and quick assembly. Especially useful in this sense mobile stand Roll Up, which sets the image takes a few seconds, as banner simply slides out base. When choosing a rack for the rapid departure, consider their needs. If your marketing materials differ in format, then choose from perfobukletnits, which are represented in the CC Riword in different sizes and species. If the most important to you is the ease of assembly and transportation Brochure Holder, it is better to buy a folding Brochure Holder and sliding in chemodandchike Brochure Holder in a bag, a backpack. Express set to participate in outreach activities needs of each firm. Book printing graphic panels and mobile stands in advance, and you’re ready to vsegoda beneficial proposals for participation in promotional events.