Business Processes

Sergei Petrovich recently took over as chief executive at a major trade organization. He came in the midst of general decline in demand and growing supply. It was necessary to urgently do something! If you do not increase sales, then at least to minimize costs. For more information see this site: Ben Silbermann . Where to start? The most important resource of any company – is, of course, personnel. And whether in all departments enough? And if the surplus, then who is dismissed? Sergei Petrovich took a clean sheet and pen So better to think 'So, what do we have? " And the hand she started to display the structure of the enterprise Let's start at the top. What happens at the departmental level, I am in control, and that's what happens below? Level divisions me too known but I think there are a number of problems that somehow solved without me A deeper – the muffled How do I know the challenges faced daily by ordinary employees? The easiest way – to cause to yourself with the report heads of departments.

But what is the likelihood that they will not try to 'zamylit' significant challenges in front of me, a man for their new Maybe it was just 'go to the people'? Nooo babel is provided. Or call by one of ordinary Artists? Uh so no time is not enough and I have without them cases of throat. Even if I sleep on the job, not the fact that a subordinate and not afraid to share problems and privret in their favor May conduct anonymous questionnaire? Cowards diminished, but I have work to increase It will be necessary to handle a bunch of questionnaires, take different proportions And the main thing! The problem of objectivity will not be solved.