More Efficient Data Centers

There is no reason why must be computer electricity wasters. The transition into the age of renewable energy is also linked to a certain discipline in the power saving, which concerns all of us. Energy-conscious computer equipment pays for data centers. In data centers, it’s not only an increase in performance and maximizing economic. Increasingly, just the ecological point of view the data centers is important, because efficiency can and should apply equally to a better use of energy. Finally, electricity is expensive and an important resource, so that every company does well, at this point to save energy. A lower electricity bill protects the finances and the environment.

Because it is beneficial for energy efficiency, data center and its environment just to check and thoroughly to search for ways to save electricity. Because nowadays it is so, for example, that alone the air conditioning for the data center consumes as much power as the host of the data center itself. Here it shows, that it an imbalance in the use of energy and that the expense can be justified not by the performance of the data center. An idea that probably should bring any business to more awareness of the waste of energy in the data center and this potential for energy saving is to be more environmentally friendly and save at the same time has the purse strings. Such new solutions towards a so-called Green IT sure find an interested market, must prove themselves only in their profitability and enforce in practice by a gain in practicality. Many companies in the computer industry are already intensively researching innovative ideas and effective solutions to the energy problem around data centers. There have even initiatives such as the Green Grid formed network, which out have developed out of the industry as an organization to improve the energy efficiency of data centers.

Key trends are created here down to a Green IT for the future. And worse, it will be the environment, the households with the remaining becomes all the more important Resources on this field. Thus, also the Green IT is gaining more and more importance and prevail. Andreas Mettler