Regional Systems Integrator

Taking care of the artisan program close and professional PDS Minerva systems as regional contact person in all matters relating to the craftsman software the smooth and well structured implementation of a software project plays a role not only in industrial wholesale. Even with the introduction of artisan software it is achieving important set goals and milestones at the right time. Most projects fail the incorrect implementation or design and not missing features of a craft program. It is all the more important as craft operating to have an experienced and competent partner at your side. The PDS Minerva Systems GmbH specializes in artisan software projects and can fall back on a high method competence here.

Selection of the right product and right module scope the craftsman software before you start the implementation, it is particularly important to analyze the needs of craft. The amount of time you failed here in the preparation, is no longer to catch up in the second. The requirements determine the scope of the training and the introduction phase in the process. In the field of the PDS as fundamentally two product ranges are artisan software: pds abacus aimed at medium to large trade companies, which want to cover all areas of sale, from customer service to the financial accounting. PDS focus, however, is to understand craftsman software for small businesses, which represents a complete package for up to three simultaneous users. This offer, order, billing, project, customer service and a Dunning are included. Aftercare is the follow-up after the introduction of even more important than the actual introduction and training of artisans software during real-time operation. The PDS Minerva Systems GmbH provides a continuous hotline team that can answer any spontaneous requests from customers directly by phone for the follow-up of the projects.

Let the customer can contact support directly at a problem and thus immediately fix problems. Therefore to avoid frustration and the customer learns functions of the approach know. Contact PDS Minerva Systems GmbH Berner str. 81 60437 Frankfurt 069/506844-240 the Frankfurt IT-Systemhaus PDS Minerva looks after more than three hundred medium-sized craft businesses in all matters relating to the PDS craftsman software and company IT. With more than a dozen colleagues and peers, the team covers the areas consulting (PDS, Microsoft, hardware), PDS consulting (support PDS craftsman software) as well as IT service (technology). In particular the care and development of the customers in the field of the PDS are craftsman software in particular focus. Complements the modern solutions the PDS to craftsman software solutions we Microsoft Office 365 or functional hardware of company Wortmann.