Roman Catholics

A clear example of these statements, can be found in the writings attributed to the Apostle James, brother of Jesus and the son of Joseph and Mary, prominent among the first Jewish figure Christians living in Jerusalem, the mere mention of kinship with Jesus, arouses controversy between Christians themselves, while some support it and it taken with naturalness, corroborating the various assertions that Jesus had sisters and brothers, others, such as the Roman Catholics, who defend the thesis that Jesus was only a child always Immaculate Virgin Mary, who supported certain kinship on the grounds would half brothers, sons of a previous of Jose or children of Mary’s sister marriage, so these alleged brothers would be in realitycousins. As you can see, the truth revealed, is a source of inspiration, which can be seen as through a Kaleidoscope, which modifies the images according to the good understanding of who put their eye in sight, however, and matter who despite the truth can shine in the eyes of the considered to be pure in heart. Returning to the Santiago Apostle, in chapter one of his Epistle tells us: and if any of you lack wisdom, ask God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given you. Santiago 1: 5 in other words, the communication is something between you and your maker, and as well remembered me my dear friend Lucia: in 1950, in crowded Maracana Stadium, nothing less than a World Cup final, eleven eastern, to the cry of the Brazilian fans, who filled the stadium and aturdian with their cheering, his captain, the black Chief bravos, tells them the now famous phrase: outside are Palo Hugo w. Arostegui original author and source of the article.