Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels – is a unique building design, widely used in the construction of both residential and warehouse or industrial facilities. The major advantages of this material include the ease in conjunction with extremely high durability and ease of installation. Sandwich panels are manufactured at the factory ready to use, they have a smooth painted surface, do not require any finishing. All you need to – just bring a sandwich panel to the structure of the site and gather, like a child's constructor. This requires a disproportionately less time than the construction of buildings of traditional material. Small weight of each panel reduces total load on the foundation – and thus reduces the cost and works on his .Sendvich panels can be reused, the building can be quickly dismantled and erected in another location. In addition to all above, the sandwich panels provide delicious heat and noise insulation, as well as water absorption, which allows their use in extremely harsh climatic conditions (which is especially important for northern latitudes our country), as well as the construction of refrigeration and low temperature storage. Sandwich panels are completely environmentally friendly and can be used in the food industry.