Russian State Standard Resolution Form

When you register you can specify any number of activities, and eventually you will not have to waste time to make changes to the registration documents. After that NACE codes to find that you will make a statement. Tax NACE classifier uses the Russian State Standard Resolution adopted on November 6, 2001, so it should be used for classification activity. Next you need to determine the size and shape to make the share capital. The minimum capital for limited liability companies is 10,000 rubles, while at the time of registration must be paid not less than 50% while the remaining 50% can be made during the year. Forms of making capital, there are two – the estate and money. To pay for capital in the form of property is necessary to evaluate the property and make an act of evaluation. Property worth less than 20 thousand rubles can be estimated by the founders, otherwise you have an independent appraiser.

The introduction of the share capital in cash by means of the opening of the temporary bank accounts and transferring funds to this account. At the registration stage, I would recommend you to the charter capital in the form of property, as opposed to the money form that does not require extra time, money and emotional costs. After registration, the organization's charter capital may be translated into money. In the next step you need to determine the legal address of the organization. In accordance with the law legal person can be registered for a permanent place of residence of the executive body (the CEO) or one of its founders.

An important aspect of the organization at the opening is the choice of the tax system. There is a general, simplified and imputed tax regimes. Single tax on imputed income (UTII) applies to certain activities registered in the tax code. For Other activities you can choose between the general taxation system (SNS) and the simplified tax system (CNS). If you have answered all the questions posed earlier – it's time to go to completion registration documents. It should be noted that in accordance with the law, "the registration authority does not check for form submissions (with the exception of the application for state registration) and contained in the documents submitted information. " The documents consist of two or more pages, submitted to the registering body in the form of stitched and numbered, and the gluing is written: stitched and numbered so many sheets, the signature of the applicant's name. In a statement all fields must be filled, and unfilled blanks should be. Be careful, give a statement to check to another person, because a small error or typo can result in denial of registration. Applicant's signature on the statement must be placed in front of a notary and certified by them. Now that all documents are ready and tested you can apply them in registration authority. 5 working days your company will be registered, then will need to make printing and open a bank account. Good luck and prosperity to you and your organization!