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Success Life


The secret to a successful life, is to realize that the success this comprised of a series of learned habits. Success often recognize as obtaining health, fame, social position and wealth among others. However, the reality is that success is the realization continues results or products that you want to obtain from the activities you perform. Since habits are activities that we perform repeatedly until we make them subconsciously we will need to adopt the following habits if we want to conquer success in our lives. Decides to be the responsible by the results in your life the reality is that there is only one person responsible for the quality of life you have been and that person is you.

If you want to succeed in life, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you experience. This includes your achievements, your results, your relationships, your state of health, your income, your debts, your feelings all! This means that you have to leave to look for excuses, make you the martyr, stop blaming others and stop complaining. These actions only you depart the success. You’ll never have success while you continue blaming someone or something for your lack of success. If you want to be a winner and want to be someone in life will have to have the courage to look at yourself in the mirror and accept the truth: you’re which has acted, thought and taken decisions that have led you to where these.

If you want to change and get out of the situation in which you find yourself you should begin by accepting that: it is you who chose to eat the junk food that you just fattening. You accepted the job that you don’t like. Thou who complains and remains in that job. Thou who no said NO in the first place. Thou art that made the decision to buy it.

Directorate General


To respond to the growing demand for quality linguistic services, the Directorate General for translation (DGT) from the Commission European has launched the network of European master in translation (EMT). This project, initiated last year 2009, aims to group together the best training programs for translation of the European Union under common standards of quality graduate. Currently, 34 master’s degrees of 16 European States integrate the network, among them, three programs of institutions of higher education of our country.Translation is a profession of the future. So says Leonard Orban, Commissioner for multilingualism in the European Community. But to be not enough professional translator with acquiring sufficient language skills in one or more languages, it is necessary to be able to provide full services, adds this expert.To facilitate access to a complete training of these professionals, the General direction of translation of the European Commission has created the EMT network (European Master s in Translation). A project to bring together, under a same label to all those postgraduate programs of master level of European higher education institutions that meet certain standards of quality that ensure the professional competence of translators.Last year 93 24 States call for first applications were filed to join the network, among them 34 programs in 16 countries that currently are part of the project, three of them from Spanish universities were selected.

These masters, which will remain on the network for four years, are now the main postgraduate training reference for all those graduates who want to complete their specialization in this professional area. Quality training initiative to create a network of postgraduate European studies reference in translation arises from two realities present in Europe in this professional field. On the one hand, the rise in the demand for language services of quality to the growing economic globalization of the Union and on the other, the need for translators qualified for certain European languages of States adhered in recent years in which the University training in translation is scarce or nonexistent.The response to the demand for full language services is guaranteed.