What parameters can be taken into account, so that with the own Web presence turns a success? A successful Internet presence on behalf of a business presence on the Web is always based on the three pillars of Internet success in the perfect triad! Only one of these 3 parameters of success is not optimally implemented the sweeping success in the Internet fails. The 3 pillars of successful Internet presence are a sustainable product and idea which implementation, legal and technical marketing and presentation all three pillars are indispensable and must correspond to the business one another – not more, not less. Although repeatedly spoken by the quick money on the Internet, so the principle of a successful business model in the Internet is based not on the model of the reseller or other “Geldverdien method”, but on the single and at the same time proven and long term functioning principle of “selling products”. The product sale is the basis of all sales, with contributions by commissions on the sale or Negotiations within the meaning of affiliate programs will only work with existing products or services and justify your existence alone from it. Interest in the construction of an own business Web presence is so so the fundamental question is: I want to be entrepreneurs and sell, or would I earn, passive. A question of philosophy. Michael Schroder – selected books Palmdale – in the internet verdienen.com