RateTiger Engaged E-commerce Specialists

RTCorp now available for travel buyers available London, November 9, 2010: eRevMax, provider of RateTiger, internationally expanding technology company has appointed Keith Watson to VP Corporate product. In the newly created position, the e-commerce expert for RTCorp is responsible. The solution tailored to travel agents, hotel groups and travel buyers from eRevMaxs successful RateTiger series allows comprehensive hotel price comparison. Previously owner and boss of the company will Internet retail technologies (IRT), Keith Watson from immediately the strategic development and positioning of RateTiger on the corporate market segment. The expert in search engine optimisation (SEO) and e-commerce was busy before the founding of IRT as sales manager at IDeS revenue management. In successful positions at WorldRes, Ramesys and hotel information systems (HIS), Watson gained further experience in the tourism industry especially in the areas of property management and online distribution.

RTCorp consolidates the hotel rates from numerous Booking portals in clear reports. These can be obtained at your fingertips in real time or purchased as a regular subscription. Selectable hotels room rates can be observed easily via user-defined time periods on a variety of websites. The software solution allows it to automate recurring processes the user, such as for example the automatic sending rates deviations to contractors as far as possible. Both travel buyers as well online travel agencies can retrieve with RTCorp hotel rates on a variety of channels and ensure compliance with agreed rates and terms and conditions of the hotel partners. The headquarters of hotel groups and collaborations can easily overlook the rates of all connected hotels on many booking portals with RTCorp. At the same time can get the prices of competitors per hotel and determines the position of the House in the competitive set. RTCorp can on price information from over 600 travel portals and the global distribution system (GDS) “access to RTCorp meets a growing demand in the travel industry, as more and more industry participants to develop of their own pricing strategy and for purchasing decisions systematically draw on specific market information,” said Keith Watson, VP Corporate product at eRevMax.

Increasing competition among consumer-oriented Web sites for hotel price comparison and contracted corporate rates requires an adjustment to this competition and travel buyers and intermediaries hoteliers a reinforced observation of hotel prices. RTCorp provides maximum and non-existent to date in the e-commerce control over the pricing structure, which in the future more innovative pricing structures implement are you.” Sascha Hausmann, eRevMaxs CEO, added: Keith Watson’s expertise in e-commerce helps us to the needs of our customers in the corporate market to understand travel agents, hotel chains and travel buyers and to use. We look forward, with his support of our market data better too “use and further to develop product offerings in the area of business intelligence.” Keith Watson, VP Corporate product, has his job at eRevMaxs Europe headquarters in London. eRevMax international / Jasmine Keller