The Harley Gore

Endemol: In 1979 John de Mol created his own production company and years only had a rival: Joop van den Ende, impresario whose production company swept with Holiday on ice. In 1994 joined forming Endemol. Eroski: The name of this cooperative of consumption comes from contraction in Basque of two words which translate as buy and partner. Freixenet: The Freixenet word comes from the Freixenada, a farm rich in ash trees since old Ferrer, belongs to the family owners of the company. Google: This search engine, designed by two students at Stanford in 1995, receives the name of the term with which the mathematician Eduard Kasner defined the number 10 raised to 100.

A one followed by one hundred zeros, a Googol. However, due to an error by registering that name, at the end it was registered as Google. Gore Tex: The secret of this tissue, invented by Bob Gore in 1969, is very simple. Its operation is based on a drop of rain water is 20,000 times larger than the pores of Gore Tex. While water vapor molecule clear the body in the form of sweat is 700 times smaller.

Haagen-Dazs: The name of these ice cream has the exotic Association of white and milk corresponding to a distant Nordic country. But it is not really the name of anything or anyone, but a word invented strictly for its retaining wealth. Harley Davidson: The Harley was born in 1903 in a workshop in Milwaukee, where somethings William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson built their first motorcycle. But the myth was born in the fifties: Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando ride a Harley as a symbol of the spirit of rebellious and free of his generation. Helios: Helios began his activity as a family company that manufactured angel hair in a craft way. They subsequently expanded its offer to all sorts of sweets and jams, candied fruit and dulce de membrillo.