Viral Marketing

A fantastic strategy to get traffic, and do business, to our Web sites is to use what is known as Viral Marketing. What it is, most well that it is viral marketing? All know Hotmail, surely you have one or more accounts on the mail server. Well, to talk about the relationship between viral marketing and Hotmail, there back in time. At the beginning of the Internet, when it was already popularizing the Internet, very few people had email. Nobody gave email address for free. If you wanted an email account you had to pay for it. But here is where Hotmail and your viral marketing strategy.

They thought, it occurred to them, that they could provide a free email account to anyone who requested it is. You wonder: what benefit is providing a free service? Let me tell you that sometimes, doing it the right way, this strategy is highly cost-effective. Even more than any other by very expensive marketing campaign be this. This of Hotmail understood this perfectly. They knew that giving a free service, in this case an e-mail service, would, literally, tons of traffic to them. And one of the ways with which could benefit to that traffic was none other that by inserting advertising in these e-mails.

And this was precisely what they did; and they continue to do so today with a great success. Advertisers quickly understood that a site with so much traffic would be very profitable for them. Without a doubt, everyone would like to pay for put your ads there. And indeed it was. Not to say that this initiative was a resounding success. Offering a free service it was business and para profits were obtained very. In short, basically the viral marketing of what trafficking is make viral, that getting something you want to launch. Be it a product, a service or a brand both commercial and personal.