Emotional Business

Emotional intelligence and greed determinants to not have partners because the vast majority of entrepreneurs have achieved their own success? We start as entrepreneurs or as independent professionals, involves us with legal areas, production, advertising, marketing, accounting and administrative, also as specialists in advising entrepreneurs and new business, emphasize must devote sufficient time to develop a business plan correctly. Of course doing the survey and evaluation, if enough financial resources to initiate the project and keep it afloat until you generate cash flow to be profitable and self-sufficient. Analyzing very carefully reduce costs, expenses and investments to the least. This complexity is more than justifiable to start a project well structured and funded, with one or several partners, with which we assure the viability of the new company or our release as independent professionals by partnering with other people. Avoiding as much as possible to become part of the great mass of companies that fail during its first year of operations. However has been to think that it is no coincidence that the biggest business successes have been achieved by entrepreneurs themselves. In this article I focus on analyzing the personal aspects to take into account to assess whether starts the project alone or with partners, because it is clear that there is so much to do at the start of a business that an entrepreneur without partners can drown in the project. Talk of greed and emotional intelligence can seem concepts out of context when it is about to start a business and the contributions of the partners are vital for your boot, besides that he or the future partners are family or friends endearing. However when serious, mainly economic problems faced in the company or the business it is essential that partners have the intellectual and commercial capacity to attack the problems with intelligence since otherwise the business you can reach to become a disaster.