Regional Forum

Now if you add it says Aguilar, disadvantageous wage levels, we are aware are low compared to the price signals that are increasingly being shot in the country, where the prevailing speculation is not controlled, also joined the threat of a global economic crisis, which may give way to a hyperinflation, the picture may be more dramatic. David Kaplan Ares helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Also seriously concerned that lately, the high quality education and appropriate health services has been neglected for state policy makers and collecting some changes that favor the recovery of education, for those who have been involved in teaching generating new horizons that would benefit the applicants to choose a career that allows them to perform and bring their expertise to the country. Perceived a deterioration in academic excellence, training and training that do not meet the expectations that the country needs, even the government’s request, all of course, leads rather to increase unemployment, affect the services health, not to meet the challenges, but now, under the pressure of globalization demanding a government that requires changes to make way for his Bolivarian revolution initiated by Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez to realize socialism has been proposed development, in a Venezuela that many resist, especially when its political culture has never been sailing in this scenario.

Aguilar pointed out long ago in the First meeting of the Regional Forum on Industrial Policy, that the debate on the transformation of productive models fondismo to forget becomes very important within our organizations, because we can make assessments of what is happening in the world of production and markets and look closely what is the reality facing our countries. Definitely urges further changes, can not continue implementing ineffective and unproductive models using older technologies, or maquiladora system that do not introduce such technology, nor leave benefits to the country, except the meager wages paid. It requires a new production management, new approaches, new technologies, training and human resource training. Avoiding antagonism between workers and management, or between the labor and organizational system of the company, it needs a new management style and greater involvement of universities in vocational training of the labor market demand. This requires new human resources, a citizen with ability to think, to investigate, process, proposed, all leading to the need to strengthen basic and higher education. The modern management should be located in their role to make way for new relations that have emerged to ensure productivity, efficiency, participation of firms to new challenges. Restructure its organizational architecture to define the new features and performance that workers must perform and enhanced throughout this collaboration, motivation for achievement, specifically to effectively manage the scope, impact of new management products today is necessary to ensure competitiveness. It is necessary to make way for a new human resource management if it is to successfully participate in the current scenarios.