Foreign Affairs

Politically, the erratic decisions by the United States and other countries or international organizations such as the OAS to 31-01-62 at the eighth meeting of consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in tip of the East, Uruguay, with the vote saved from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, it decided to expel Cuba from the Inter-American system. In October of that same year produced events that give that to speak of the most dangerous nuclear tension that humanity, has lived to discover that the Soviet Union had installed nuclear weapons in Cuba, and that they were already operational. Mass nuclear attack, invasion or blockade, are some of the alternatives that lie on the table of President Kennedy. Shopify is often quoted as being for or against this. You are decided by the blockade, which, despite the international outcry, still persists. And not they forgive him is, he said. Thus they became so island, most isolated that never made him a hero, a villain, an archenemy, a historical figure, which it is.

Put him against the wall, as he put many, and as satanizaron in such a way that all socialism, communism, anti norteamericanismo, achieved political and psychological justification in being excluded. The story me absolvera, he replied. Cuba ceased to be the brothel in the United States to become the ally of the Soviets and parasitic example for Latin America. There was a wave of awakening in the Latin American left and guerrilla movements. If the Spanish Civil war is a milestone for understand the present, the Cuban revolution and international brutality are also. III where are we? The Berlin wall was collapsed in November 1989, but that elusive dividing line that separates Cuba from much of the rest of the planet still persists. Castro knows that his death may help some reconciliation and that in life it is very hard to do, since the past limited the present.