Characterization of a new employee: the relative productivity of new staff in This year, as compared with the previous one. Reviews. The views of employees about their companies have huge marketing value. Hundreds of employees to discuss positive aspects of your company to friends and colleagues. This indicator will show the percentage of the flow of personnel into the company on the recommendations of its staff. Competitiveness – a new and important argument in selecting and retaining talent. Competition for non- workers have always been big, and it does not depend on the state of the economy.

Do you want to be the first in this fight? Do you want to remain good workers and have developed in your company, instead of away from you? C using the figures you can compare the number of new personnel, the company lured from a particular competitor, and the number of frames that competitor lured away from the company. The positive coefficient indicates that a party wins the recruiting war. Brand development company. This option demonstrates the effectiveness of HR in the dissemination of information about the company busy for the population. Positive branding of will be assessed through focus groups and professional conferences. Focus groups will be selected at random to interview professionals to assess the company, its corporate culture and management system. If the firm appears in the ranking of the best companies, they will know exactly what the brand is strong enough. Time to reach maximum productivity, a new employee.