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Corporate Parties


Corporate parties – this is a matter of culture, particularly their need to be considered as the main tool of communication through which collective combined, is an opportunity for informal communication team and its manager or management. Currently, there is a peculiar evolution of corporate parties, their transition from the traditional meal to more complex forms (with contests, games), there case their content. Topics such parties may be different. The most popular topic – New Year, though, usually stand out more specific topics (professional celebration dates). However, corporate parties should not be regarded as a means rest a man who plans to move up the career ladder, it is primarily the continuation of work. Here there are many dangers – especially those related to alcohol. Abroad, for example, there is a statistic that gives the percentage of people who lost their jobs as a result of corporate parties.

We refer to such things more liberal if someone from the party a little too far the participants, the head will go down in his state will recognize it. With corporate parties can get a promotion, though usually the ability to drink a glass is not a major factor in career advancement. It goes for a corporate party is an indicator of corporate culture. Some of the leaders of uses for corporate parties that would develop relationships with their bosses, or, perhaps, to show himself on the other side. For example, if we are talking about women, then they can use their attractiveness.



Characterization of a new employee: the relative productivity of new staff in This year, as compared with the previous one. Reviews. The views of employees about their companies have huge marketing value. Hundreds of employees to discuss positive aspects of your company to friends and colleagues. This indicator will show the percentage of the flow of personnel into the company on the recommendations of its staff. Competitiveness – a new and important argument in selecting and retaining talent. Competition for non- workers have always been big, and it does not depend on the state of the economy.

Do you want to be the first in this fight? Do you want to remain good workers and have developed in your company, instead of away from you? C using the figures you can compare the number of new personnel, the company lured from a particular competitor, and the number of frames that competitor lured away from the company. The positive coefficient indicates that a party wins the recruiting war. Brand development company. This option demonstrates the effectiveness of HR in the dissemination of information about the company busy for the population. Positive branding of will be assessed through focus groups and professional conferences. Focus groups will be selected at random to interview professionals to assess the company, its corporate culture and management system. If the firm appears in the ranking of the best companies, they will know exactly what the brand is strong enough. Time to reach maximum productivity, a new employee.

Russia Markets


For example, one of our customers, who planned to form in early 2009 to command the Russian market continues to move toward this goal. – Which companies are downsizing? – Basically it is Russian manufacturers and distributors. It is from these companies, we are witnessing an increased influx of candidates. Western firms feel relatively stable. I should add that some employers use situation on the labor market to get rid of "ballast" to replace the current staff to a higher quality. Selection of candidates for the job market has become broader. – What professionals are now in excess, and any still not enough? – The market is experiencing a large influx of managers who held the position of deputy heads of divisions / departments, ie "Backup" link.

More become marketers. But not those highly qualified specialists, which is called, in the afternoon with fire will not find, a young, inexperienced. Or those who combined work in marketing with some additional features. Strong, experienced product is not laid off – they will hold up to the last. As for medical representatives, then we do not notice some excess candidates. If they appear on the market, quickly find jobs. Good medpredstaviteli always in demand.

– How are things going with the experts pharmaceutical production? HR-Pu noted that the market there were great technologists. – I would not talk about this fact, as a mass phenomenon. The fact that the industry threw out these specialists on the market, due, probably, not a crisis, and other processes.



Corporate sites should be much greater load recruiting, but rather stand out in a separate project. In the west, career sites of companies are growing by leaps and bounds. Provide the most advanced personalized and multi-layer information for the various categories of visitors and provide an example to follow. Your company's website (COP) – a unique recruiting resource. It surpasses newspaper ads, brochures, Big-boards, job fairs and other tools to attract qualified staff, and here's why: 1. KS – quickly and cheaply updated resource.

2. It affects some organs of sense: You can use text, photos, video and music, as well as combinations thereof. You can give the visitor feel that he was in your office, even if it is now over 1000 km, arranging interactive discussion and virtual walk around the office … 3. Global access: the whole country, the whole world, 24 hours, 7 days a week. No amount of recruiters unable to cover such a huge potential audience … 4. You can provide different information to different people.

You can give multiple levels access information depending on the status or the wishes of the visitor. For someone only 10-second spot, for another need detailed presentation to PDF. 5. KS – an interactive tool. Suggest potential candidates to participate in any process. This may be a competition, a quiz, the heading "question-answer", a video game forum, blogs, etc. Engage them and get back to the site. 6. Differentiation. You can focus on a particular demographic group, occupation and geographic region. Information may be directed to a particular audience or a specific person. It can be focused on both the active job seekers and those who work are not looking for … 7. COP can help build long term relationships. Especially with people who are initially not interested in working in general and your company in particular. Even if they do not will be your employees, they can become your loyal customers. 8. It is inexpensive. Create a career site will cost between 300 and Ukraine (in the province) to 1500 cu in Kiev. His support – 50 to $ 300 a month … 9. COP shows "Advancement" of your company. Introducing the world site with the latest technical capabilities, you are on the deed, not words, are showing leadership in your company. 10. You can represent information in different languages. 11. You are more actively refreshing database. Now it becomes easier to trace the contacts and get the most relevant to the company's experts. 12. Light feedback. You save time and money: posting information such as "Question-answer" you get rid of many unnecessary phone calls and pay no JOB-sites for the placement of his headings such as "Leading companies". And interested candidates you provide information more quickly and cheaply. 13. COP can be a fun and informative for prospective employees. Firm brochures and booklets rarely entertain, they must be serious. A site can not afford to be entertaining and useful lists of recommended starting Literature and ending with video games and video clips. 14. Good word is spread quickly. And even without your help (viral marketing). Encourage contacts "second tier" and the message of "chips" will spread to your site all over the internet … The third part – features, sections and features the best career sites of the world, everything that can attract the best minds in the company and the talents